"webet4you" is a project of the BusinessGroup eVisionTeam, where an investor can make a capital investment by granting the enterprise a business loan for a period of 14 weeks.

In return, a fixed interest rate of 1 - 4% per week is paid.  A profit of 48%  is currently guaranteed to be distributed for the loan period of 100 days.

This means that "webet4you" represents a high interest capital invest ment of a sort that is globally unique at this time.

However, even with a great deal of experience and success to our credit, this is a capital investment into a high risk business, and partial or total loss is possible.

It follows that this capital investment is interesting only for persons who could, if necessary, handle the loss of their investment without endangering their financial existence.

"webet4you" is a project of the Business Firm eVisionTeam.

What exactly does this mean?

Since 1 October 2015, eVisionTeam  has entered into cooperation with InetEarnings Ltd., domiciled in Belize.  This cooperation has brought great advantages for both businesses.

InetEarnings Ltd. is an enterprise active in the area of sports betting by way of a certain software which allows more money to be won with so-called "sure-bets" every day than is lost through bets which are not won.

In order to understand this it would be useful to begin by watching a few videos on the subject "sure-bets" on YouTube.

Theoretically, any individual could regularly earn money with "sure-bets", except that for most individuals the necessary effort is too costly in relation to the possible winnings.

Prior to the cooperation with eVisionTeam, InetEarnings Ltd. had to cover all the necessary activities in order to be successful.

Today the entire administration, including deposits and disbursements as well as the structuring of a sales organization, is managed by eVisionTeam.  InetEarnings can fully concentrate upon further development of the software and its maintenance, that is, upon the actual process of betting.

The process for participation with project "webet4you" looks like this:

Step 1

The investor decides upon the sum of the loan he or she wishes to provide to the Business Group eVisionTeam.  In other words, the investor never personally places a bet; neither is eVisionTeam ever directly involved in a single bet.

Step 2

The investor provides the desired funds for the loan, which can be from 50.-€ for one share up to 100,000.-€ for 2,000 shares.

The funds can be committed via Bitcoin, Perfect Mony or an international bank transfer to Cambodia, which would be processed through a so-called interim bank in the USA, specifically in New York.

By committing these funds the investor becomes a silent partner to the Business Group eVisionTeam (and hereby to that part of the business which is partnered) according to the number of shares purchased and for the period of 100 days.

Step 3

The Business Group eVisionTeam which received the money as an asset then passes it on to the project "webet4you" where it is employed in order to make real gains.

eVisionTeam has no influence upon the activities of "webet4you", nor upon the application of the funds as far as InetEarnings Ltd. is concerned, which is the recipient of those funds that had been provided to eVisionTeam.

InetEarnings Ltd. has agreements with eVisionTeam which allow eVisionTeam to guarantee a gain of 1 - 4% every week.

At present, 48% are guaranteed for the 14 week (100 day) run time of contracts.

Step 4

After the run time of the loan has expired, the investor´s loan is accounted and booked into the wallet of the investor, where the investor can then decide how to proceed.

As of 2017 there will be the possibility to be paid back the loan plus interest in Bitcoin or via bank.

After the pay-back the business is completed and no further obligations exist on either side.

Attention please:

Even if the experiences of the past years have shown a high probability that high gains can can be achieved with an investment in form of a loan to the project "webet4you", there is no guarantee for the future and it makes good sense to familiarize oneself with the risk declaration of InetEarnings.

It is important that definitely only high risk capital should be invested, for just as with any high risk business with high interest yields, so here as well a partial or total loss of capital is always a possibility.

Therefore investors should always invest only those funds which would not endanger their own financial existence in case of a loss.

Contract partner eVisionTeam guarantees a yield of 48% at this time.  However the specific contract conditions of this investment are spelled out in the loan contract which is available to the investor prior to prividing the loan, in order to avoid any and all misunderstandings.

The Business Group eVisionTeam does after all take part in the international market and is therefore subject to both usual and specific risks.

In this regard as well, the fact that parts of eVisionTeam have been active since 13 January 1999 although an indication of successful work, must never be construed as a guarantee for the future.

However, our highly motivated team does work to live up to the daily challenges of the market and to complete each day successfully.

If you should decide upon an investment strategy and follow up in a disciplined manner, the break-even point should be reached within a year.  This is the moment from which onward you can no longer experience loss because the gains made exceed the capital you invested.

There are groups on facebook and chats on skype in which investors exchange their experience.

It is pretty much the same as with any other capital investment, except that the gains are so much higher here.

If as an investor you proceed with discipline, in the end you will leave the playing field as a winner.

No maximum is defined for this project!

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